Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rewind and Play: Seattle Continued

I think I left you guys hanging about my adventures last year in North America and I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive after being immersed deeply in school and work for the past few months. It paid off, and I'm now on my way to graduation in June 2009. [YEY!]

The last post was all about Seattle, it is all about the places that we've been to before the MVP Summit began last year. Now this blog post is all about the places we've been after the MVP Summit. The event ended at around noon and my friends (Jeo, Adrian, and Jasper) and I have decided to go around Seattle on foot. So from the Washington State Trade and Convention Center, we went to different points of interest in downtown.

We've passed by some places of interest such as the Seattle Art Museum and the Harbor steps, which is a public space that connects residential areas in downtown. However our wandering ultimately brought us to Argosy cruises and we're just in time for the next cruise. We opted for the Harbor Cruise + Seattle Aquarium combination.

After buying some tickets, we have decided to take a picture of ourselves with the boat.

But then we realized that we are posing with the wrong boat (our bad) and the boat we're about to board is the one that is at the leftmost area of the dock. And that boat is called the "Spirit of Seattle"

The Spirit of Seattle has three levels; you have the lower deck, the upper deck and the one that I will call "the uppermost deck". Wanted to see an unobstructed view of the harbor, we took the uppermost deck where it is open air (and thank goodness, I brought my jacket with me). During the cruise, you will hear some narration about the POIs in the harbor. Here are some of the sights from the cruise:

After that, the "Spirit of Seattle" returned to the dock and we disembarked the vessel, now we walked towards the Seattle Aquarium.

From afar, the Seattle Aquarium looks like an old warehouse and you may start wondering what you will see there and if its worth going to, but they say one must not judge a book (this time an aquarium) by its cover.

This is the fa├žade of the Seattle Aquarium, pretty neat huh! At this time, I wonder what is behind that old warehouse and there it is, upon entering we were greeted by a spacious, newly renovated lobby.

And some marine animals!

And there is this portion which is soo cool where you can actually touch the marine creatures!

There is this exhibit about other types of animals such as birds and mammals (whales, etc)

After that, we went back to Pike Place Market to check it out and to look for the first (original) Starbucks branch in the whole world. The market is nice and colorful, I recommend going there not at night (because it's closed) but sometime in late morning and early afternoon.

And there is Starbucks!!

Finally at the end of the day, we looked for some place to eat and we went to Johnny Rocket's near the pike place market. It's pretty neat because you get the feel of dining in an old fashioned diner in the early 60's – 80's.

This post has gone way long, and this storytelling will continue in just a bit so stay tuned!

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