Friday, April 10, 2009

The Great Big Freeway: Los Angeles

One of my mom's favorite songs is entitled "Do you know the way to San Jose?" by Dionne Warrick. In that song, the lyricist describes Los Angeles as a "Great Big Freeway", which is really true, that city has a LOT of expressways with lots of lanes too.

When I was planning my Canada – United States last year, I made it a point that I will be going to Los Angeles to visit my relatives and cousins and spend some time with them. So right after the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle last year, together with my friend Jasper we went to Los Angeles, California.

We took the afternoon United Airlines flight from SEA to LAX and we arrived early evening, as our plane approaches the runway, we see that Los Angeles is huge compared to the first two cities we've been (Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA).

Upon arriving at LAX, I saw that my relatives are already waiting for us; they have been in the airport early so as to avoid the congestion in the city's "Great Big Freeways". It is quite surprising that people could actually wait inside the carousel area of the airport, which is quite unlike here in MNL where people have to stay outside.

Everyone is hungry, so for dinner my relatives brought us to Chinatown to eat at the Mayflower Seafood Restaurant.

So what is so special about Mayflower? Well they do serve delicious dishes and this is a place where I realized that I'm not allergic to Crabs but I'm allergic to Lobster instead. For those who are fans of the People's Champ Manny Pacquiao, it is where he ate when he was in Los Angeles.

After dinner, we headed towards Santa Clarita where my relatives reside, upon arriving we unpacked our things, had some chit-chat with my relatives (since we have a LOT of catching up to do), experience some nosebleed, and got some sleep for the exciting day/s ahead in Los Angeles.

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Jasper said...

haha i remember your allergies back then. it was nice food and gutom tayo non