Friday, April 10, 2009

Goodbye, Farewell, See You: Seattle!

It has come to our final day in Seattle, after that dinner in my last post; we headed back into our hotel room and packed our things. We woke up early the next day (as we always do) and we have the whole morning to explore this amazing city by foot.

We wouldn't let Seattle pass, without eating in Pike Place Market (our first attempts were futile). So the day before, we asked the locals what time do the market open and up to what time they serve breakfast. We made it sure that we'll be getting a taste of the local stuff here.

And so we went to Lowell's, a diner in the pike place market and this is how it looks like, from the inside:

I can't remember what I have ordered, but this is what my friend Jasper ordered, I think it is crab omelet with shoestring hash brown. I think I ordered something that has meat on it (because I think I'm allergic to crabs, but later on realized that he isn't).

After that we went and go on our final tour of Seattle. If you think that Seattle is just about the Space Needle (like what I did), then think again, there are interesting architecture around downtown too which gives you a feel on what "old" buildings look like in Seattle.

Then we went on to see the different fields and stadiums in Seattle. There is Qwest Field and Safeco Field.

Then, we wandered some more and saw pretty interesting stuff:

And then at last, we saw the Seattle Underground tours. Too bad, it's already too late :-(

After that, we headed back to our hotel, made a final check on our things (made sure that we're not leaving anything behind), checked out, and went to Seattle Tacoma International Airport for our next destination: Los Angeles, CA.

Seattle is the city where I first met the United States. It is where, in a short span of time, I got a glimpse of what is America all about and what their culture looks like. It is also for almost a week, where I learned to be more independent and to make decisions of my own. Sadly, it was only in the later part of this trip in Seattle where I started to appreciate the true Seattle, the city beyond its famous landmark: The Space Needle. I hope that I will be back there again soon, hopefully there would be sun with clearer skies, and hopefully I would have more time to explore the emerald city and the evergreen state.

To this emerald city, gracias.


Jasper said...

hey nice to see you blogging here again!! when kaya mauulit itong alis natin? *wink*

Chester Coronel said...

soon ;)

Jasper said...

yeah soon i hope! i miss seattle and i really thought i will be able to come this year for the summit... first US destination ko ito eh :(

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