Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What is your dream?

Disneyland was once part of my dream during my childhood days. It was introduced to me when I was a kid since most (if not all) of my relatives reside in the United States, they would have their vacation here in the Philippines and would hear stories on what it is like. I have seen my father's pictures in Disneyland back then and as a child I would imagine how fun it would be when I actually go there. I really hoped that one day I would actually set foot on that place and see it for myself.

During my trip to the United States last year, I had this chance to actually go to Disneyland before I even turn 20 [well at least I can tell my children that I've been to Disneyland as a teenager]. With me on this trip is my friend Jasper. It was a nice Saturday morning when my aunt is deliberating on where she will be bringing us first, to Disneyland or to Six Flags Magic Mountain and then there it goes: Disneyland goes first. She dropped us off to her brother-in-law then he took us to Disneyland. It was a long travel from Santa Clarita to Anaheim; I think it took us around 2 hours to reach Disneyland.

The Disneyland Park in Anaheim is the first Disneyland that was ever built in the whole world. It was opened in 1955, and now is composed of two parks: the original Disneyland Park and the California Adventure Park. We were lucky to have been able to run back and forth those two parks the whole day.

Once you get to Disneyland, from the parking lot you get to ride a tram which will bring you to Downtown Disney where there are shops, ticket booths, and entrances to both parks.

The first park we went to is the original Disneyland Park; at this point I can't believe that I am actually seeing for myself the place that I only used to see in the photo album of my dad. Pictures become reality. Upon entering the park you would see one of the famous icons in Disneyland parks, the train, and the station. We took time to take pictures around.

Then after that you turn left which will lead you to Main Street, USA where you would see a lot of shops, people and various Disney characters just like Cruella De Vil.

The first part of the park we've been to is Adventure Land. Here we tried one of the handfuls of rides we took in our visit of Disneyland which is called Indiana Jones. We weren't able to ride everything because there is a lot to see and explore.

We don't have any clue on what Indiana Jones is, later did we know that it is just like a roller coaster ride only that it is not that scary because it is dark and you wouldn't see where you're going.

After that we strolled around and think of the next attraction that we'll be trying and we tried Splash Mountain thinking that it is just one scary drop. This is just like Enchanted Kingdom's Jungle Log Jam but little that we know (or little that I know) that it is actually, two drops (hidden from the public's view), one drop in darkness (within the mountain) and one huge scary drop compared to EK's two drops.

One interesting thing with this ride is that after that second drop and before the third drop (in darkness) there is like this mini puppet / robot puppet show going on. We thought that this was designed for kids so that they would be calmed before the big one.

Then the Big one comes (and as you can see, I think it is a bad decision to take the front portion of the log), here you can see Me, Jasper, My Aunt's Brother in Law Kuya Edward, and some guy in shades which is completely unrelated to us.

After that with my clothes partially wet, we strolled around the park some more before jumping to California Adventure for Lunch since Kuya Edward said that he knows a place in California Adventure which serves a better lunch meal.

Storytelling, to be continued in the next blog post entitled: "Adventure in California with California Adventure".


Jasper said...

oh! memories are coming back to me! :)

escape said...

wow! i found your blog thru jasper. looks like you two are really good travel buddies.

Chester Coronel said...

Hey there! :D Thanks for dropping by, there are a lot of entries that are yet to be published so stay tuned!! :)

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