Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Exploring (more of) Seattle

There I was, my first night in Seattle. After the basketball game, another trip at the Space Needle and a dinner at Mc Donald's we returned to our room and what I did is to let mom know that I'm still in one piece after my relatives headed back to Vancouver and to check on my grades. Unfortunately, I could not access the website from Seattle and have to wait for a week before everything goes back to normal.

Good Morning Seattle and yes it is another day and we have half-day to explore the city before the MVP Summit officially kicks off in the afternoon. The first thing Jasper and I did is to go back to Mc Donald's and grab something to eat, then we met up with Jeo and explored the nearby places.

First stop, Victor Steinbrueck Park, this is a park near the Pike Place market. A simple search using Windows Live Search suggests that Victor Steinbrueck is known primarily for his pen and ink sketchbooks of the city and his work in protecting the Pike Place Market (that is why a park near the market is named after him). Anyways, one of the most prominent features of the park is the two cedar totem poles.

After that we walked again and we passed by the Pike Place Market. If you are a Starbucks fan, this is the place to be! Here you can find the first Starbucks store.

After that we went to the Westlake Center (a shopping mall in downtown Seattle) and we took some pictures.

Then we passed by Nordstrom where you will find the signature and shoe-prints of Microsoft's founders: Bill Gates and Paul Allen as well as other personalities who were born in Seattle. It is like the walk of fame in Hollywood.

Then we headed to Marriot Hotel to hang out and checkout the accommodation of our friend Jeo. Here are some of the pictures along the way and from the room.

After that, we head to the Washington State Trade and Convention Center to have lunch and to start the 2008 Microsoft MVP Summit.

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