Monday, August 18, 2008

Arrivederci Vancouver, Arrivederci Beautiful British Columbia

I wish I could have stayed longer, but we all know that a journey does not remain in a specific city. It continues because we all have that inclination to explore what is beyond.

This trip began when I am all exhausted (from the recently concluded second semester) and excited (well during the Saturday before my flight).

This trip began with one very important lesson; do not bring La Paz Batchoy / Beef Instant Noodles into Canada because Customs prohibits it.

Another thing that I learned, in Canada you do not call carbonated drinks such as Coke or Pepsi as softdrink, you call them pop.

What an experience it was! I could not believe that I experienced sun, rain, hail, and snow in just two weeks (well everything except hot weather) with this, I would thank all my cousins and relatives for this very wonderful trip.

I would remember Vancouver, BC for its sights and the very friendly people that reside in that city. I could not erase that scene from my mind where at the counter where I brought Ate Sharoll's Birthday Card there is the checkout woman and an old man conversing exchanging how their day was ending with the man giving a piece of candy to the woman and in return she was very cheerful and thankful for it. I could not forget the conversations that I had with people from that Gondola going up to whistler, the sno-limo chauffeur, and that person who staffs the native artwork shop in downtown.

Now my journey continues south, goodbye Vancouver for now.

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Jasper said...

you'll be back, for sure :D