Friday, August 15, 2008

Around the City: One Last Time

My friend Jasper who will be also attending the MVP Summit in Seattle, WA joined me in the later part of my trip in Vancouver, BC. On his second day in the City and with the sun shining and almost clear skies like a true local (as what he described in his blog), I brought him around the city by commute to the places where I am sure that when we go there we can go home.

Commuting in this city is a painless task; there are buses even in the suburbs and it is easy to get from one point to another. Lucky for us the SkyTrain Station (like an MRT) is just around 1-2 small blocks away from where we are staying. Our first stop would be the City of North Vancouver. Therefore, we took the SkyTrain to Waterfront and from there we hopped on to the SeaBus, which will bring us to North Vancouver.

A SeaBus is a passenger ferry that transports passengers between Downtown Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver. It takes around fifteen minutes to cross the Burrard Inlet. From what I have read recently, there are only two ferries operating. One named MV Burrard Otter and MV Burrard Beaver.

In North Vancouver, I brought him to the Lonsdale Quay and we went to a nearby park.

After that, we went back to Downtown via the SeaBus. We went on foot to Robson Street where the shops are and passed by a department store where Jasper brought some stuff then we went on and explored downtown.

We passed by the Vancouver Art Gallery and with nothing else to do we decided to go in and appreciate works of art. Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed inside. However, I would say that it is something that one must not miss when visiting Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, so just outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery; you will see a countdown to the Olympics. (I want to be back there)

After that, we explored the city by foot and passed by the Vancouver Public Library, BC Place and General Motors Place.

Collecting Souvenir Pennies is one of the things that Jasper does when he travels (a hobby that I also adopted and have gone crazy about when I was in the US), we went back to Science World but unfortunately, the machine is out of order.

We went back to where we started and attended an anticipated mass at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church.

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