Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Nearest Snow Getaway: Grouse Mountain

Looking for the nearest snow getaway (or do you want to see Snow up-close in spring?) this attraction is the one for you. Grouse Mountain is located around fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver by car and around the same time if you are using the public transportation. This must be the nearest and nicest snow getaway from the city centre itself.

If you plan to use the Public Transportation going to Grouse Mountain from any point in Vancouver you must take the SkyTrain to the Waterfront Terminus Station then transfer to the SeaBus which will bring you to Lonsdale Quay in which from there you must take the Bus 236 going to Grouse Mountain.

Upon arriving at the base, you will have to fall in line to get lift tickets and subsequently get to the Skyride (as pictured below) which will bring you to the top of Grouse Mountain.

At the Skyride you will see magnificent views of Vancouver City as well as the surrounding areas so be sure that when you take the Skyride that you get the window area.

The first thing that will greet you once you get to the peak is the nice and cozy lodge, but unlike the one they have in Whistler Mountain, this one is smaller.

The nice thing about Grouse Mountain is that there are many activities included in the general admission which could be enjoyed by skiers and non-skiers alike (well at least if you know how to skate, just joking), but more than that what caught my attention is the magnificent view of Vancouver City from above.

Before we left, we got the chance to try the brownies from the cafeteria and it is so good! You have to try them when you are in Grouse Mountain.

So what activity did I get to do in Grouse Mountain? If I did Snow Tubing in Whistler-Blackcomb what then is its equivalent in Grouse Mountain. I'll be blogging about it shortly.

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