Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grouse Mountain Surprise: “The Sno-Limo”

Before taking the bus going up to Grouse Mountain, Anna and I grabbed some lunch at Lonsdale Quay Market. While taking our lunch, Anna told me that she has a surprise for me up the Grouse Mountain.

I never knew what it is, I kept on thinking of things that can be treated a surprise:

  • Skiing for a non-skiing Chester
  • Snowboarding for a non-snowboarding Chester
  • Bungee Jumping or any activity that involves getting the feet off the ground for Chester that only did one rappel in his entire life (who knows?)
  • Ice Skating for a Chester that has been traumatized of his ice skating experience in SM Southmall x-years ago.

I really don't know what it is and I tried recalling from memory what I saw in the Grouse Mountain website but nothing appears to be a surprise. Previously we did Snow Tubing but what would be special in Grouse Mountain.

Upon arriving at the top of Grouse Mountain, Anna went inside the lodge and I stayed outside waiting what will happen next, little that I know that it is just actually behind my back. She told me that the "Sno-Limo" is the surprise and out of joy I didn't know what to say (still thinking what will happen next, nervous).

They say that the Sno-Limo is the best and only way for non-skiers and snowboarders to glide along snow-covered mountain trails. In short it is the only way for me and Anna, both non-skiers to actually experience skiing.

So what happens in the "Sno-Limo"?

First they will place you to the contraption pictured above for your comfort and safety. Look the blanket matches the color of my jacket, just great! It is a special contraption that seems like a chair attached to a pair of skis. After that the fun begins!

Look at that just perfect, even if you are not a skier you can actually experience going down the slopes and feel the adrenaline rush.

This experience made my trip abroad the most memorable one; I didn't expect that I would experience skiing without actually skiing. This activity is just perfect and I would recommend this to everyone who wants to experience the snowy slopes without actually skiing. Aside from the activity the chauffeurs of the Sno-Limo are just great friendly people. In short people should really spend time to try this one.

For more information please visit: http://www.sno-limo.com. We recommend that prior your planned trip to a destination that features the Sno-Limo that you make a reservation. There are times that the Sno-Limo is fully booked.

This is not a paid advertisement, I just love what I experienced with Sno-Limo and wanted to share and recommend it to you.

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