Monday, June 23, 2008

The Capilano Suspension Bridge

It has been a while since I last posted here, school has just started and I am working on a crazy schedule.

If you are visiting Vancouver, one of the best attractions / places to go that you might hear from the locals is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Established around 1889, it is said to be the first attraction in the city of Vancouver.

To get there from Downtown Vancouver, you have to take the SeaBus to North Vancouver then take the 236 Bus (Grouse Mountain) from Lonsdale Quay and ask the driver to drop you off in front of the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

When we arrived, the first thing we did is of course to take some photos before we even dare cross the bridge. As usual, you will see the pacific northwestern art such as the totem poles:

After that, we crossed the bridge. It is said to be 137 meters long and 70 meters high (I think this fact makes it popular). I really thought that it would be an easy one but no.

I do have one recommendation, if you are going to cross the bridge make sure that as much as possible you are the only one crossing the bridge. Unfortunately, for me when I crossed the bridge a group of people followed and the bridge swayed like crazy.

At the other end of the bridge (if you did make it), there are lots of ecological activities and sights to see like the treetops adventure where you go between trees and "take a squirrel's point of view of things". Get to know more about the treetops adventure here.

After that, we took a stroll at the cliffhanger boardwalk:

Along the way you will see vandals / writings (depends on your perception) of people from around the world.

After our walk, I asked my cousin if there is any other way around going back to the other side. She said no, and the only way for us to go back is through the suspension bridge again. After crossing the bridge for the second time, we dropped by the Trading Post (a souvenir shop) to get some stuff.

My cousin Christian bought me an "I survived the Capilano Suspension Bridge" shirt and there it was my trip to the Capilano Suspension bridge. I would recommend this attraction to everyone, but not for those who are afraid of heights and to all those who are weak of heart.

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